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Neuromancer Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

  • Wintermute fakes 8Jean Tessier-Ashpool's arrival, tricking a worker into letting Maelcum and Case inside. It goes without saying, but the worker is rather surprised to find a hacker and a Rastafarian with a giant scatter gun on the other side of the door.
  • The two find a console, and Case uses it to jack in. He checks in the Dixie. Everything is peachy and keen on the construct's end.
  • Molly not so much. Hideo has fixed her up, but Riviera wants to kill her. On the plus side, 3Jane is starting to find Riviera boring, whereas she finds Molly much more fascinating. Of course, given 3Jane's particular tastes, it might not be much of a plus (and who knows if this trend will stick).
  • 3Jane tells Hideo to hurt Peter if he doesn't leave her and Molly alone. Molly asks if 3Jane knows the code Wintermute needs, and 3Jane says she does.
  • In reality, Wintermute sends a service cart for Case and Maelcum. They've got a bus to catch.

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