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Neuromancer Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

  • The service cart takes them to another console. A Braun robot shows them the way to another console. The Finn pops up on the monitor and tells Case its time to check in on the situation.
  • Case jacks in and awakens on a beach. Wait, what?
  • Yep, a beach. Case walks the beach where a manifestation of Ratz taunts him about his suicidal tendencies. Eventually he comes across the door of a bunker where there's a fire and girl inside.
  • Case realizes he's flatlined. He believes Wintermute's other half is using the girl as a means to taunt him because now he's trapped in this virtual world.
  • When he wakes up, Case is still in the bunker on the beach. He talks with the girl, who turns out to be Linda Lee, and asks her what she last remembered.
  • She says she remembers stealing the RAM from him and taking the RAM to Tony where she found a bunch of pictures of herself in the hardware. This strikes Case as odd since he knows for a fact that the RAM had no such data. The next thing she knows, she was on the beach.
  • The two have sex and fall asleep together.

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