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Neuromancer Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

  • Case wakes up to the sound of dub music. He feels a little high too even though Linda assures him they don't get drugs on the beach.
  • He asks Linda who told her he'd come, and Linda tells him there was a boy on the beach.
  • Case tracks down the boy, who turns out to be Neuromancer, Wintermute's other half and the one he's trying to merge with.
  • Neuromancer offers Case a chance to stay in this world with Linda Lee. Case isn't sure whether it's the real Linda Lee or not, but he knows he can't stay. After offering her his jacket for the cold nights, he walks toward the music. It's Maelcum's dub.
  • He regains consciousness in the real world. He discovers that Maelcum used his headphones and two derms of betaphenethylamine to bring him back from the dead. He's currently overdosing, but at least he isn't dead. Although the hangover's going to make him wish he was dead, we bet.

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