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Charlie Swan in New Moon

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Charlie Swan

In many ways, Charlie is an easy dad. He’s quiet, unobtrusive, and gives Bella all the freedom she can handle. Since they’re both not big talkers, their relationship still feels somewhat awkward and distant, even though Bella has already spent a year with him. Charlie has huge trouble discussing "emotional things" with Bella, so he waits until the last minute to muster up the courage for a talk, and Bella can spot it coming from miles away. Yet, there is no doubt that the father and daughter share a deep, loving connection.

After Edward leaves Bella, Charlie tries his best to support her. Although he clearly suffers with Bella and wants her to get better, he has no clue how to talk about love with her. That’s why his initial reaction to Bella’s month-long lifelessness is to send her back to her mother Renée.

No wonder Charlie is in high heaven when Bella meets Jacob. Charlie tells Alice, "He’s good for her" (17.188).

As in Twilight, Charlie and Bella’s relationship is put to the test when Bella disappears without a word for three days, when she goes to Italy to save Edward. Upon her return, Charlie is understandably livid and blames Edward for everything, declaring "He’s rotten for you. I won’t let him mess you up like that again" (24.291).

Charlie banishes Edward from the house and puts Bella under house arrest. Clearly he’s putty in Bella hands, though, because when she warns him she’ll move out if he doesn’t behave better toward Edward, Charlie grudgingly agrees to visiting hours for Edward.

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