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The Forks High Friends in New Moon

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The Forks High Friends


After the summer break, Mike returns with a new haircut that looks very similar to Edward’s. In fact, after Bella snaps out of her zombie state, Mike tries to ask her out. Bella tells Mike that she doesn’t date, but they can be "friends." Nevertheless, he continues to rival with Jacob for Bella’s attention when all three go to the movie theater together. Mike also tells Bella that Jacob is in love with her and that she’s cruel to pretend they’re just friends.


Jessica is one of the first friends Bella makes when she comes to Forks. But she’s an exhausting friend, because she never stops talking and she bears grudges. When Bella asks her to go to a movie after ignoring her for months (due to Edward’s departure), Jessica sulks, but agrees to go. She gets really mad at Bella when she puts them in danger by having "an episode." After that, Jessica doesn’t want anything to do with Bella.


Angela is the opposite of Jessica. She loves silence and she doesn’t bear grudges, which is why Bella likes her best out of all her school friends. She’s very happy to see Bella return to life and tells her she missed her.

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