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The Quileute Werewolves in New Moon

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The Quileute Werewolves

Sam Uley

Leader of the pack, Sam is the alpha male. What he says goes. Sam was the first of the Quileute boys to transform into a werewolf once the Cullens moved back to Forks. Because of his new life and mission, he turned down a college scholarship. Sam helps the other boys deal with their transformations and their responsibility as "protectors" – that is, keeping humans from getting chomped by vampires. Sam is engaged to Emily. Emily bears a horrible scar, from a time when she witnessed Sam’s lose control as a werewolf. Yet, their love for each other is obvious.

In wolf form, Sam is black, "tall as a horse, but more muscular" with "dagger-like incisors" (10.164). Sam finds Bella in the woods after Edward breaks up with her. At first, both Bella and Jacob dislike Sam, because they believe he brainwashed Jacob’s friends (Paul, Jared, and Embry) into joining his weird gang. When Jacob becomes a werewolf, Sam forbids him to share his secret with Bella. After Bella finds out, though, and Sam learns that the vampire Victoria’s after her, he does everything in his power to protect Bella.


Along with Quil, Embry is one of Jacob Black’s best friends. He and Jacob make fun of Sam Uley’s gang, until he turns into a werewolf himself. Since Embry can’t tell Jacob what’s happening to him, he starts avoiding his friend. But once Jacob becomes a werewolf, they’re best friends again.


Paul is a werewolf with a temper. When Bella shows up to an emergency pack meeting, Paul loses control and attacks her.


Quil is one of Jacob’s closest friends. Quil, Jacob, and Embry all make fun of Sam’s "cult," until they all turn into werewolves too. After Jacob goes through his change and avoids Bella, it’s Quil who tells her that Jacob has joined the gang. When Bella is finally in on the whole werewolf story, she learns that Quil’s next in line to become a werewolf too.


Jared was one of the first boys to turn into a werewolf after Sam.


Though not a werewolf herself, in many ways, Emily acts as a mother to the five werewolf boys. She cooks them huge portions of food and offers them a place where they can feel like a family. Emily is very beautiful – if it weren’t for the scar she bears from a night when Sam lost control as a werewolf.

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