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New Moon Choices

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[Edward:] "I’m not human." (3.176)

In this moment, Edward defines being "human" by not being a killer. Is that an adequate description? What’s the definition of being "human" throughout the entire novel?

[Bella:] "Don’t do this." [Edward] just stared at me, and I could see from his eyes that my words were far too late. He already had. (3.177)

Might this mean that Edward’s always had one foot out the door?

[Edward:] "It will be as if I’d never existed. (3.193)

Edward believes that he’ll be able to disappear out of Bella’s life, leaving no physical or emotional traces. Does he truly comprehend the consequences this decision will have for both him and Bella?

It was just that it had been a long time since I’d felt so light and buoyant. (5.135)

Bella is trying to justify the fact that she’s leading Jacob on about her feelings.

I wanted to be stupid and reckless, and I wanted to break promises. (5.42)

Bella makes a conscious choice to go against her "good girl" nature. Do you think that "getting in trouble" is a conscious choice for most teens?

[Bella to Jacob:] "The problem," I said, "is that it means something different for me than it does to you."

"Well." He tightened his hand around mine. "That’s my problem, isn’t it?" (9.161-162)

Does Jacob only tell Bella he doesn’t care that she’s not returning his romantic feelings because he assumes that her attitude will change over time?

I felt a brief twinge of guilt as I realized how Charlie would feel about this, but I ignored it. (10.66)

Doesn’t it feel a bit strange for Bella to so easily dismiss Charlie’s warnings about missing hikers and giant animal prints?

Now, what should I choose? (12.228)

Bella doesn’t know if her love for Jacob should override her concerns that he and his werewolf pack might be murderers.

[Bella to Jacob:] "Could you… well, try to not be a… werewolf?" I suggested in a whisper. (13.58)

Bella seems to fear that Jacob being a werewolf will change their relationship. Bella wishes that she could have had a normal relationship for once. Part of what she liked about Jake was how innocent, uncomplicated, and human he was. But being a werewolf isn't a choice for Jacob, just like being a vampire isn't a choice for Edward.

[Bella to Edward:] "Even if I had jumped off that cliff to die, that would have been my choice, and not your fault." (23.63)

Bella feels that Edward is wrongly taking responsibility for her life.

[Rosalie:] "This is not the life I would have chosen for myself." (24.142)

Rosalie wanted to live a human life. Might she have changed her mind if she’d grown older and began to see her beauty fading?

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