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New Moon Friendship

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"Just as friends?" Mike suggested. (7.73)

Does "just friends" mean the same to Mike as it does to Bella? How can Bella’s friendship with Mike be compared to her friendship with Jacob?

"I believe that…we have a date," [Jacob] said, his tone thick with implications. (7.94)

Jacob makes no secret of his feelings for Bella.

This was friendship. And Jacob felt very warm… Well, it was friendship for me. (7.190)

Bella seems to know that the physical intimacy between her and Jacob might me "normally" considered more than friendship, so she feels the need to defend her stance as it being just platonic.

So much for my chance to put some distance between us. I couldn’t stand hurting Jacob; we seemed to be connected in an odd way, and his pain set off little stabs of my own. (9.19)

Bella thinks that drawing the line will hurt Jacob. But isn’t she ultimately hurting him more by not drawing the line? What does she mean by "[being] connected in an odd way"?

"You shouldn’t waste [time] on me," I said, though I wanted him to. Especially if he was willing to accept me the way I was – damaged goods, as is. (9.151)

Bella believes she’ll never recover from losing Edward.

[Jacob:] "I won’t ever let you down. You know that, right? That I would never, ever hurt you?" (9.212)

Jacob makes a big promise here. Do you think he later wishes he’d never made such promise? Does he keep it anyway?

He was my best friend. I would always love him, and it would never, ever be enough. (9.223)

Bella believes she’ll never have romantic feelings for Jacob. What "more" does she have with Edward that she’ll never have "enough of" with Jacob?

[Jacob:] "I’m not good enough to be your friend anymore. I’m not what I was before. I’m not good." (11.220)

Jacob thinks that being a werewolf means he’s not good enough to be Bella’s friend anymore. But if werewolves are made to protect humans from vampires, aren’t werewolves "natural" friends of humans? Why would he think he’s not good enough to be her friend anymore?

"Can’t I be friends with you both at the same time?" (18.65)

Ancient treaties bear no meaning for Bella when it comes to friendship. She believes friendship is about making a personal choice. Do you agree with her opinion?

[Jacob to Bella:] "…I’ll always be your friend," he said gruffly. "No matter what you love." (18.69)

Do you think Jacob would have made that promise knowing that Bella committed herself to becoming a vampire?

My best friend counted me with his enemies. (Epilogue.143)

Although Jacob counts her among his enemies, Bella still considers him her best friend. But doesn’t it take two people to have a friendship? Or, in other words, can you be friends with someone who regards you as an enemy?

Not to mention, it's interesting that Bella identifies Jacob as her "best friend." That seems to imply that, while Edward may be her true love, he's not her closest friend. What's the difference between being a true love and a best friend?

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