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New Moon Lies and Deceit

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Lies and Deceit

I needed to reign in the enthusiasm before I gave him the wrong idea – it was just that it had been a long time since I’d felt so light and buoyant. (5.135)

Bella lies to Jacob about her feelings by not curbing her enthusiasm for him. By not acting, does she encourage him?

And, even though I was enjoying myself more than I thought possible, there was no lessening of my original desire. I still wanted to cheat. (6.106)

A lie for a lie, a broken promise for a broken promise… sounds like the old testament "Eye for eye, tooth for tooth" (Exodus 21:23-27). Is that a healthy way to look at life?

I was so wrong to encourage Jacob. Pure selfishness. (9.199)

Bella is completely aware that she’s not being fair with Jacob, but also that she’s unable to change her selfish behavior. What does that say about her character?

"Lie," the beautiful velvet voice whispered… I did what the voice said to do. (10.103)

This is one of the few times in the story that Bella actually listens to Edward’s voice. How does her behavior prove that Edward’s voice is just a projection of her own mind and that he isn’t actually with her?

"He’ll know it was you," I whispered obediently. "You won’t get away with this." (10.150)

Bella lies to Laurent by saying that Edward still watches out for her. In reality, she knows that she can no longer depend on Edward to keep her safe.

I decided that the truth, or part of it anyway, was the best option. (10.206)

Bella believes that half-truths are more justifiable than complete lies. Is that a valid argument?

[Laurent to Bella:] "…the restrictions are difficult… I’m surprised that any of them can keep it up for so long." He smiled at me, conspiratorially. "Sometimes I cheat." (10.114)

It’s ironic that both Laurent and Bella are cheating. Only Laurent cheats by killing humans and Bella cheats by breaking her promise to Edward. Is there a moral about the repercussions of cheating in this?

"…I wish I could change how I feel about you, Jacob." I was desperate, reaching, stretching the truth so far that it curved nearly into the shape of a lie. "Maybe… maybe I would change." (11.216)

Bella says she’s stretching the truth to the limit, so when does truth end and lying begin?

"You’re such a hypocrite, Bella – there you sit, terrified of me! How’s that fair?" [Jacob’s] hands shook with anger. (12.63)

Throughout the book, Jacob accuses Bella of having double standards when it comes to vampires versus werewolves.

[Edward:] "I’m a good liar, Bella, I have to be." (23.78)

Is Edward really a believable liar in the break-up scene or is Bella just an easy believer?

I had been betrayed. (Epilogue.44)

Double betrayal – Bella feels betrayed by Jacob after he exposed her lie to Charlie. But can she really accuse him of betrayal after she walked away from him to chase after Edward in Italy?

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