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New Moon The Supernatural

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The Supernatural

[Bella to Edward:] "If I develop this film," I said… "will you show up in the picture?" (1.210)

As a member of humankind, Bella has grown up with traditional cultural beliefs about vampires that are often disproved throughout this story. It’s like she’s the "uninformed" human who has to be continually educated by her supernatural friends on how the world really works.

The contrast between the two of us was painful. He looked like a god. I looked very average, even for a human. (3.121)

From the beginning of their relationship, Bella has had huge hang-ups about not being up to par with Edward’s supernatural beauty. Does that make her a bit superficial, or are her feelings only natural?

[Edward:] "I’m no good for you, Bella. […] My world is not for you." (3.161, 163)

Edward believes that he and all he represents is wrong for Bella. By "wrong" he means dangerous, but does he also believe that it’s wrong for beings of two different "kinds" to mix in general?

I stared at the monstrous creature, my mind boggling as I tried to put a name to it… I could only think of one possibility, locked in horror as I was. Yet I’d never imagined that a wolf could get so big. (10.168)

What does Bella mean when she says, "I could only think of one possibility"?

[Jacob’s] skin was burning hot… (12.34)

Jacob’s normal body temperature as a werewolf would be considered "running a fever" for humans. There’s nothing supernatural about it, though. It’s just a fact of wolf and dog life: they have higher body temperatures than humans (source.) However, this stands in stark contrast to Edward's deathly cold skin.

What kind of place was this? Could a world really exist where ancient legends went wandering around the borders of tiny insignificant town, facing down mythical monsters? (12.175)

Bella wonders if she might be dreaming, because her view of the world she’s been living in has radically changed to include supernatural creatures. What’s next, we might ask…

Jacob, my friend? Jacob, the only human I’d ever been able to relate to… And he wasn’t even human… What did this say about me?… It said that there was something deeply wrong with me. (12.180-184)

Bella wonders if she relates better to supernatural creatures than humans. Why might that be?

[Jacob to Bella:] "You… don’t mind that I morph into a giant dog." (13.85)

By putting it that way, Jacob humanizes, or normalizes, his supernatural existence for Bella.

[Bella to Jacob:] "You don’t need a full moon?" (13.134)

Bella exposes another traditional myth as false in the world of the story.

[Embry:] "…hanging out with werewolves has its risks." (14.83)

Even though werewolves protect humans from vampires, it’s still dangerous for people to be around them. It seems as if there’s an inherent danger involved in humans "hanging out" with supernatural creatures.

[Emily] stared at me… "So, you’re the vampire girl?" I stiffened. "Yes. Are you the wolf girl?"… The left of her face warmed. (14.107-108)

Bella and Emily make a personal connection here that lies in their choice and experience of living as a human among dangerous, supernatural creatures.

Emily was mixing a humongous batch of eggs… (14.118)

Werewolves have a bigger appetite than humans. Does the fact that they’re eating "real food," though, make them more human than vampires who dislike and can’t even digest normal food at all?

[Bella:] I looked at the line on Paul’s arm. Odd, but it looked weeks old. (14.134)

Werewolves' physical wounds heal very easily. Emotional ones seem to be a bit trickier. What scene in the story might support that claim?

Alice’s voice dropped till it was inaudible, though I was sitting inches away from her. (19.8)

Vampires can speak in frequencies too low for humans to hear. Do humans have any special communicative skills that vampires lack?

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