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New Moon Time

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[Edward:] "Time heals all wounds for your kind… my kind… we’re very easily distracted." (3.195)

Edward says that vampires and humans perceive time differently. Why and how do they perceive it such that wounds heal more quickly for humans?

Time passes. Even when it seems impossible. (4.1)

Bella is talking about her subjective perception of time. What might make "her" time impossible to pass?

"It was a year ago yesterday that I had my first day here," I mused. "Nothing has changed much," Angela muttered… "I know," I agreed. "I was just thinking the same thing." (6.206)

Bella realizes she has come full circle. On the surface, her life in Forks is starting from scratch, as if Edward never existed.

I didn’t keep track of the days that passed… as I tried to live as much in the present as possible, no past fading, no future impending. (9.4)

Being present, or "in the moment," helps Bella pass time more quickly. Why might that be? Does that method work for you?

A week was long. (10.18)

Time without Jacob creeps along for Bella, as does time without Edward.

[Bella:] "Maybe if you gave me some time… just don’t quit on me now, Jake." (11.216)

Bella hopes that Edward’s comment about how "time heals all wounds" will be true and that she might be able to move on and even fall in love with Jacob at some point. Or maybe she’s just saying this to keep her hold on Jacob?

I watched [Alice] in fascination for a long time. (19.72)

When Alice is in her trance state, she doesn’t notice time passing.

[Edward to Alice:] "Aro needs physical contact to hear your thoughts, but he hears much more than I do. You know I can hear only what's passing through your head in the moment. Aro hears every thought your mind has ever had." (21.50)

Aro can hear a lifetime of thoughts. How might his gift change his perspective of time?

The clock tolled again. (20.48)

The clock represents "real" time, which can’t be stopped, even by human tragedies.

Time means something very different to them than it does to you, or even me. They count years the way you count days. (23.160)

The Volturi are so ancient, time moves passes without them paying much attention to it. So the more time you experience, the faster it moves? Maybe when you’ve seen it all before, life’s events become repetitive?

The bond forged between us was not one that could be broken by absence, distance, or time… As I always would belong to him, so would he always be mine… (24.57)

Bella realizes that, for the love she shares with Edward, time doesn’t heal all wounds and could never make her forget him. Their love stands the test of time (or at least one school year apart).

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