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New Moon Versions of Reality

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Versions of Reality

[Edward to Bella:] "I promise… It will be as if I’d never existed." (3.193)

Through the course of the story it becomes clear to Bella that Edward made an impossible promise.

Then there would come a point in my dream… when I couldn’t remember what it was that I was searching for, and nothing to find… and there never would be anything more for me… nothing but nothing… (5.17)

At this point, Bella thinks that she has to face the reality that she’ll never find meaning in her life again.

Last night I had not been alone in the woods. Sam Uley… was there… it made me uncomfortable to have him there… Maybe it was because, when I didn’t look directly at him, his shape seemed to shiver and change in my peripheral vision. Unlike the time when we met in reality he did not offer me his help. (6.141)

Bella’s dream hints at the reality that Sam shape-shifts as a werewolf.

Last night I wandered in a wide area of ferns, interspersed with hemlock trees… I wanted to kick myself for the stupid field trip last week. (7.89)

The "real" trip she took to the Cullen house now informs Bella’s dreams.

This had to be it, the recipe for hallucination – adrenaline plus danger plus stupidity. (8.84)

Bella has come up with a recipe to conjure up Edward’s "presence" through his voice in her head. In that reality, he still cares about her.

[Edward to Bella:] "I can’t believe how quick it was – I didn’t feel a thing." (20.71)

Edward believes he has entered some kind of afterlife with Bella, which belies the attitude he’s held throughout the story – that vampires have no soul.

[Alice to Bella:] "I saw you jump." (17.17)

To Alice, Bella’s death was a reality. She saw and experienced her friend dying.

"Bella," Alice whispered. "Edward won’t call again. He believed her." (18.165)

Edward accepts Rosalie’s account as the truth. It seems that reality often depends on belief or trust.

[Bella to Edward:] "I’m dead, right?" I moaned. (23.16)

Much like Edward, Bella thinks she’s died and gone to heaven after the drowning scare. In contrast to Edward though, she doesn’t recite Shakespeare, but reacts very matter-of-factly. Does that fit her personality?

[Edward to Bella:] "The enmity is rooted too deeply." (Epilogue.18)

To Edward it’s a reality that vampires and werewolves can never be friends.

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