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New Moon Chapter 11

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Chapter 11


  • Bella misses Jacob. She wants to visit him, but fears that if Victoria or Laurent are tracking her, she might lead them to Jacob too.
  • Driving home from school, it suddenly dawns on Bella that Jacob must be avoiding her because Sam Uley and his gang have sucked him into their strange cult.
  • Bella takes a chance and drives down to La Push to rescue Jacob.
  • On the drive, Bella spots Quill and offers him a ride home. Quill looks like he’s had an unnatural growth spurt as well, which leaves Bella puzzled. Quill confirms that Jacob has joined Uley’s gang.
  • Bella confronts Jacob at his house. He’s with the gang. His appearance has radically changed. Cropped hair, aged face, muscled body, enormous hands, graceful moves. It’s his expression, though, that worries Bella the most:

    The open, friendly smile was gone, the warmth in his dark eyes altered to a brooding resentment… like my sun had imploded. (11.115)

  • At first, Jacob acts like he doesn’t want to see Bella and tells her to blame her "reeking bloodsucker" (11.164) friends for his situation. Bella doesn’t understand what the Cullens have to do with this. She reminds Jacob of his promise to always be her friend, but Jacob says, "I’m not good enough to be your friend anymore. I’m not what I was before. I’m not good" (11.220).
  • Bella is left standing in the rain (déjà vu, anyone?), alone with her thoughts:

    I thought Jacob had been healing the hole in me.… I’d been wrong. He’d just been carving out his own hole, so that I was now riddled through like Swiss cheese. (11.235)

  • Bella tells Charlie about what the gang has done to Jacob. Afraid that Bella might relapse into zombiedom, Charlie warns Billy that he will keep a close eye on the gang.
  • Bella dreams she’s walking with the new bitter Jacob who then morphs into Edward. She wakes up to a scraping noise at her window.

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