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New Moon Chapter 17

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Chapter 17


  • The visitor turns out to be Alice, not Victoria. Bella is overjoyed to see her.
  • Alice is confused to see Bella alive. She "saw" Bella jumping off the cliff. Alice is absolutely furious with her.
  • Bella explains she wasn't intending to commit suicide; she just wanted to have a little fun. Plus, Jacob saved her. Apparently, Jacob eluded Alice’s future-seeing skills.
  • When Alice asks Bella about Jacob, she reveals that he’s her best friend – and a werewolf. Alice is shocked:

    "Your best friend is a werewolf?… Weren’t you supposed to stay out of trouble?… Anyone else would be better off if the vampires left town. But you have to start hanging out with the first monsters you can find." (17.62)

  • It does explain, though, why Alice couldn’t see him in her vision of Bella's future. Since werewolves and vampires are enemies, they have natural defenses against each other, including Alice not being able to "see" werewolves.
  • Bella makes Alice promise to stay a while.
  • Charlie’s always been gaga over Alice, so he is glad to see her again. He clearly doesn’t want to see Edward, though.
  • Bella overhears Charlie confide to Alice how miserable Bella has been since Edward left. He tells Alice that Jacob brought Bella back to life:

    "I know she used to think of [Jacob] as a friend, but I think that maybe it’s something more now, or headed that direction, anyway… He’s good for Bella, you know." (17.188-189)

  • Charlie’s words clearly hold a warning for Alice to pass along to Edward. Yet, Charlie admits that, despite Jacob, he can see Bella is still in a lot of pain – a pain he doesn’t know she’ll ever overcome. As if someone she loved died.
  • Alice catches Bella up on what the rest of the Cullens are up to, save for Edward. She also tells Bella that she researched her family background and visited her own grave.
  • The next morning, Charlie heads to Harry’s funeral. Bella and Alice stay at the house and then Jacob appears at the door. Alice hides to keep him from getting all riled up.

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