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New Moon Chapter 22

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Chapter 22


  • On orders of the Volturi, Edward, Bella, and Alice have to wait until dark to go back up into the city. Bella is dead tired, yet fights sleep to spend whatever time she’ll have with Edward.
  • Bella learns that Gianna is a secretary because she eventually hopes the Volturi will turn her into a vampire. Bella is appalled that she would choose to become a human-eating vampire.
  • Bella waits for Edward to bring up the subject of the future, but he remains quiet, and she’s afraid to mention anything.
  • The whole Cullen family greets Bella on their arrival back in Seattle. Rosalie asks Bella to forgive her. Bella doesn’t bear grudges, saying, "It’s not your fault at all. I’m the one who jumped off the damn cliff" (22.134).
  • At home, Charlie is livid. He yells at Edward to get his hands off Bella and asks him to leave.

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