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New Moon Chapter 6

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Chapter 6


  • Quill and Embry, Jacob’s best friends, show up in the garage as Jacob is working on the bikes with Bella. They tease him about Bella, which makes Jacob nervous.
  • For the first time since Edward’s departure, Bella sleeps without dreaming or screaming.
  • Bella and Jacob spend the day together looking for motorcycle parts. Again, Bella is surprised by how much she enjoys herself in his company:

    Jacob was simply a perpetually happy person, and he carried that happiness with him like an aura […] like an earthbound sun, whenever someone was in his gravitational pull. (6.86)

  • Yet, despite all the fun, Bella’s prime objective is still to be reckless and to break her promise to Edward. Being with Jacob is just "a much bigger perk" (6.106) than she first expected.
  • Billy invites Charlie, Bella, and a few other friends over for dinner. They all crowd into his tiny house. Bella soaks up the atmosphere of joy and laughter.
  • But then Bella has her "searching for nothing" nightmare again, with one small difference: a new man appears in her dream – Sam Uley, the young man from La Push who found her in the woods after Edward deserted her. His shape seems unclear. Shifting.
  • In school, Bella makes an effort to reconnect with her friends. Save for Mike and Angela, no one really wants anything to do with her. Angela tells the others that she saw a big black creature in the woods. Everyone laughs at her, but Bella defends her.
  • Angela tells Bella she missed her. She reminds Bella that it’s been exactly a year since Bella came to Forks. She has come full circle, as if her life is starting anew, without Edward.

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