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New Moon Chapter 7

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Chapter 7


  • Bella visits the Cullen house, hoping to hear Edward’s voice again, or to conjure an "episode" (7.8), as she calls it. But she finds the place deserted and creepy and nothing happens.
  • Jacob surprises Bella with two brand-new looking bikes in the garage. When he asks her if she’d hang out with him even if he couldn’t fix the bikes, Bella says, "As long as you let me come over, I’ll be there" (7.39).
  • To put some distance between them, Bella suggests they make up for the recklessness of riding the bikes by doing homework together.
  • In school, Mike asks Bella on a date. Bella tells him (once again) that she just wants to be friends.
  • Jacob and Bella drive out of town to find a secluded place for riding lessons. On the way, Bella freaks out over a group of boys jumping off a cliff into the ocean. Jacob comforts her saying that’s what kids in La Push do for a little rush of adrenaline.
  • Adrenaline rush? Bella is intrigued and thinks, "I’d never witnessed anything so reckless in my life" (7.128).
  • She wants to try. Jacob promises they can do it some other time and from a lower point.
  • When Bella asks Jacob about "those guys," he says they’re called the La Push gang. Sam Uley is their leader. "They’re all about our land, and tribe pride… it’s getting ridiculous… they call themselves 'protectors' or something like that" (7.144).
  • While Jacob explains bike mechanics to Bella, he tells her that Sam’s gang forced his friend Embry to join and that he’s afraid he’ll be next. He believes they’re up to no good. Strangely enough, his father Billy and all town elders seem to support them.
  • Bella tells Jacob he can always live with her and Charlie. As they hug, Bella thinks, "This was friendship. And Jacob felt very warm.… Well, it was friendship for me" (7.190).

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