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New Moon Chapter 8

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Chapter 8


  • Bella takes off on her bike. Edward’s voice chides her about her stupid behavior before she falls off and hits her head. Happy to have found a way to generate another "episode," she tries again. This time she really hits her head. Jacob is worried, but Bella tells him it happens all the time.
  • When Jacob takes off his shirt to wrap it around Bella’s wound, she admires his body and tan skin.
  • "Did you know you’re sort of beautiful?" (7.133), she asks him.
  • After getting stitched up at the ER, Bella gets dropped off at home. She tells Charlie she tripped and hit her head on a hammer in the garage.
  • That night, Bella feels the hole in her chest return, but this time it doesn’t throb quite so badly. Plus, she knows that being with Jacob will make her feel better. Her nightmare has also lost some of its potency.
  • Bella has to keep making excuses to Charlie for hurting herself on her bike. When she tells him that she tripped while "hiking in the woods," he tells her that hikers have been disappearing and that there have been more sightings of that some giant black bear-like creature. He forbids her to go hiking.
  • To avoid bike accidents for a while, Bella racks her brain for another reckless way to hear Edward’s voice. That’s when she remembers the meadow Edward took her to, in order to show her how his skin sparkled in the sun. She asks Jacob to come with her.
  • Bella is surprised that, unlike Charlie, Jacob’s father Billy makes fun of the giant bear sightings.
  • Hiking through the forest, Jacob tells Bella that Sam Uley’s gang keeps looking at him "funny" (8.205). They walk for hours, but don’t find the meadow so they return home.

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