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New Moon Choices

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As in Twilight, personal choice and free will play a vital role in New Moon. Edward chooses to leave Bella, although she’s the one true love of his life. Bella decides to commit a series of reckless acts just to hear Edward’s voice in her head. Both Edward and Jacob had no choice in becoming a vampire and a werewolf, but they both can decide whether to act on their natural instincts, or to exert self control to follow their human instincts. Bella has made her choice to become a vampire, but Edward will only change her if she agrees to marry him first. And, like in Twilight, we know that every choice has consequences. What will be the consequences of each of the characters' decisions in New Moon?

Questions About Choices

  1. Given Bella’s extreme reaction to Edward’s departure, how effective do you think his choice to leave "as if he’d never existed" has been? Would she have gotten over him eventually?
  2. Now that you know that Jacob is a werewolf, who do you think is a better choice for Bella – Edward or Jacob?
  3. Both Jacob and Edward believe that Bella has to make a choice between being friends with werewolves or with vampires. Do you agree?
  4. Would Charlie still think Jacob was better for Bella if he knew that Jacob is a werewolf and that Edward is a vampire?

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