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New Moon Friendship

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Where does friendship end and romantic love begin? Throughout New Moon, Bella struggles with how she feels about Jacob. Jacob knows that he wants more than just friendship with Bella, yet he promises to always be her friend, no matter who she ultimately chooses to love. Friendship in New Moon is defined by loyalty, promises, and companionship. Jacob also defines friendship as loyalty to his kind, the werewolves, which is why he struggles to be with friends with Bella when she decides she wants to become a vampire – his natural enemy. Bella, on the other hand, feels that friendship has no boundaries.

Questions About Friendship

  1. Bella’s very concerned about keeping her relationship with Jacob on a friendship level. Do you thinks she succeeds? If not, why does she fail?
  2. After Edward returns, do you think a part of Bella wants to keep her friendship with Jacob because she somehow feels indebted to him?
  3. If Edward hadn’t returned at the end of the novel, do you think Bella and Jacob’s friendship would’ve eventually evolved into a romantic relationship?
  4. How does Edward feel about Bella and Jacob’s relationship? Does he think they are "just friends"?

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