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New Moon The Supernatural

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The Supernatural

In New Moon, werewolves and vampires exist in the human world, only most people don’t know about them. What’s even more surprising is that they defy Western culture's traditional perceptions of such monsters. The vampires are drop-dead gorgeous, their skin sparkles in the sun, they’re super strong and fast, and they possess unique mental skills. Stephenie Meyer’s version of werewolves also strays away from traditional notions in that anger causes certain humans to explode into werewolves. No full moon necessary. Huge, strong, and fast, werewolves can also hear each other’s thoughts, and are bent of protecting humans from vampires.

Questions About The Supernatural

  1. Do you think Bella has a monster obsession? Given how wildly popular the Twilight series has been, do you think it’s natural for humans to be fascinated by monsters?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being romantically involved with a vampire versus a werewolf? Are there any advantages that a normal human relationship offers over both of them?
  3. In the Twilight saga, the supernatural world lives right there with us. Do you believe there might be supernatural forces in this world that evade human consciousness?
  4. What creature is more supernatural in your opinion: a werewolf or a vampire?

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