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New Moon Time

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Does time heals all wounds? According to Edward, time heals all human wounds because human memories fade so quickly. This is why he believes that, after he leaves, Bella will be able to eventually forget him and move on with her life "as if he never existed." For Edward’s immortal kind, memories don't fade. Yet, Bella’s love for Edward is superhuman and withstands the test of time. She’s not able to forget him, but merely grows strong enough to bear her loss through Jacob’s love and support. When Bella spends time with Jacob, time flies. Left alone, she experiences time as never-ending.

Questions About Time

  1. Edward believes that time heals all wounds for humans because human memory is like a sieve. Does it hold true for the story? Does it hold true in our world?
  2. Bella’s perception of time changes throughout the novel. In what moments does time run fast? When does it creep along for her?
  3. Bella spends a large chunk of the novel without Edward. In what ways did the time apart from him make her grow?
  4. Aro can read every thought a person’s mind has ever had. How might this gift affect his perception of time?

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