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New Moon Transformation

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In New Moon, characters experience two kinds of transformation: natural and supernatural. Bella undergoes a natural transformation. Broken-hearted and deserted by her true love, she turns into a lifeless zombie, only to be brought back to life by Jacob’s love and friendship. Yet, she briefly rebels against her "good-girl" nature by engaging in reckless activities, and changing into a bit of a "bad-girl." Eventually, she emerges a stronger, more mature character. Jacob undergoes a supernatural transformation into a werewolf. Meanwhile, Bella pines for a supernatural transformation into a vampire. Both natural and supernatural transformations involve great pain and a sense of losing control.

Questions About Transformation

  1. How does Jacob change mentally and physically after he transforms into a werewolf? How are his physical and mental transformations related?
  2. Does Bella and Edward’s relationship undergo a transformation during this novel?
  3. Transforming into a vampire or a werewolf is associated with pain. What human transformations do we go through that cause us pain?
  4. In what way does Bella transform through Jacob?
  5. Why does Bella want so badly to become a vampire?

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