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Victoria and Laurent in New Moon

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Victoria and Laurent

Victoria and Laurent were members of James the tracker's coven. During Twilight, James tried to hunt and kill Bella, but the Cullens destroyed him while protecting Bella. You can learn more about James in our "Character Analysis" of him in our guide to Twilight.


Victoria represents all the qualities of a traditionally evil vampire – a predator in human disguise. In Twilight, Bella describes Victoria as "wild" and "chaotic" with a "distinctly feline" posture, and fire-red hair.

Victoria lost James, her mate, when he tried to kill Bella and was instead killed by the Cullens. Now she’s back to kill Bella in order to avenge James. Throughout New Moon, she keeps escaping from the werewolves as well as the Cullens. The novel ends without us knowing her whereabouts, or when and how she will try to make good on her mission.


Laurent returns to Forks to find Bella for Victoria. Once he finds Bella, though, he wants to claim Bella’s sweet blood for himself. He does not succeed, and is killed by the Quileute werewolves.

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