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The Nicomachean Ethics Book 4, Chapter 6 (1126b11-1127a13)

By Aristotle

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Book 4, Chapter 6 (1126b11-1127a13)

  • On to the virtue relating to friendship.
  • If a person is a massive suck-up in relationships with others, Aristotle says that they're "obsequious."
  • But if he has Oppositional Defiance Disorder, he would be "quarrelsome."
  • Once again, the middle term or mean is nameless, but Aristotle takes a stab at it: "friendliness."
  • This isn't quite "friendship" because a friendly person makes nice with most people, but doesn't necessarily form the kind of emotional attachment that he might have with a true friend.
  • A friendly person is equally pleasant with strangers and acquaintances.
  • He's careful to walk the line between antagonist and suck up, trying hard not to cause pain to anyone without being a court jester. He's "appropriate" in his behavior.
  • If a person attempts to please others in order to gain something for himself, Aristotle calls him a "flatterer."

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