Study Guide

The Nicomachean Ethics Book 8, Chapter 2 (1155b17-1156a5)

By Aristotle

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Book 8, Chapter 2 (1155b17-1156a5)

  • Aristotle starts by defining what is lovable (or able to be loved). Basically, the good and pleasant is lovable.
  • But do we love the good? Or do we love what is good for us, personally?
  • Aristotle says we'll love what appears good to us. It's highly subjective.
  • People ought to wish for good things for their friends and reciprocate affection and good deeds with them.
  • In order for friendship to exist, friends should be aware that their buddy wishes them well—it can't be a one-sided crush thing.
  • There's also a sense of good will between friends, but that's not a quality exclusive to friendship, since we can feel it for total strangers.

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