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The Nicomachean Ethics Book 9, Chapter 6 (1167a21-1167b15)

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Book 9, Chapter 6 (1167a21-1167b15)

  • Another sign of friendship is "like-mindedness": when we agree about action (what's to be done in order to achieve a certain end).
  • Aristotle uses the example of like-minded cities that decide to make all offices elective.
  • It's not just about thinking of the same things; it's about getting to your goals in the same way.
  • Aristotle calls like-mindedness a "political friendship," since it is a coming together of minds for the common good.
  • Good people have this trait: they're consistent within themselves and with other good people when it comes to doing what's good for the community.
  • Of course, the corrupt can't be like-minded with anyone, because they're always concerned with what's best for themselves.

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