Study Guide

Night Chapter 7

By Elie Wiesel

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Chapter 7

  • The prisoners are crammed together in the train car for the night.
  • The train stops and the SS officers order the prisoners to toss any dead bodies out of the train. The prisoners are happy to get rid of the dead to make more room in the train car.
  • Eliezer’s father, who looks pretty dead, is almost thrown out, but Eliezer manages to revive him (by hitting him repeatedly) just in time.
  • They resume their journey. There is no food—only snow. They travel for ten days, sometimes through German villages.
  • A German workman by the train tracks throws some bread into the train car. The German watches, amused, as the men fight each other to the death to get the bread.
  • A son kills his own father for a piece of bread.
  • The bread incident is so interesting to the German workers that they begin tossing more bread into the train cars.
  • During the night, somebody tries to strangle Eliezer. The man in charge of the wagon (who also happens to be a friend of Eliezer’s dad), Meir Katz, manages to save him.
  • On the last day of the journey, an icy wind blows through them. It seems that they can’t possibly survive such a cold wind.
  • When somebody cries out as they die, everybody begins to wail.
  • Meir Katz wonders why the Germans don’t just shoot everybody. It would be more merciful.
  • The train at last arrives at Buchenwald. A hundred prisoners had gotten on the train—only a dozen get off. Eliezer and his father are among that dozen.

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