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Nine Perfect Strangers Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

  • As Frances drives onto the grounds on Tranquillum House, she wonders how exactly Ben and Jessica can afford that fancy car. Maybe they’re drug dealers? 
  • At the entrance to the house, Frances meets with her wellness consultant, Yao. Hey, long time no see, Yao. 
  • She hands her bags over to him, which makes her a little nervous. See, Frances packed some contraband—chocolate, wine, and tea, coffee. What a rule breaker. 
  • Inside, Yao arranges for Frances to have a massage when she mentions some back pain. He also explains that there will be periods of fasting. Daily smoothies. Tai chi and guided meditations before sunrise. Oh, and absolutely no room service. 
  • Wow. Sounds like an awesome vacation.  
  • Frances also finds out she has to consent to daily blood tests, which she isn’t really jazzed about. But she let’s Yao do them anyway. 
  • As Frances and Yao head up to her room, they meet some other guests—Napoleon, his wife, Heather, and his daughter, Zoe. 
  • Napoleon mentions that they’ll all start observing “the noble silence” soon. Wait a second...this wasn’t on the website. 
  • In her room, Yao has Frances drink a mandatory smoothie. There’s no fun like mandatory fun. She also hands over all her electronic devices to him. She is officially off the grid. 
  • When Yao leaves the room, Frances goes in her bag to look for her banned items and finds out that the staff have taken them. How is she gonna make it 10 days without wine? Or chocolate?

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