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Nine Perfect Strangers Chapter 76

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Chapter 76

  • Five years after the events at Tranquillum House, Yao is at home with his two-year-old daughter watching some daytime TV.
  • Masha had insisted to the police that everything that happened was all her idea. She took responsibility for it all. As a result, Yao received a 14-month suspended sentence.
  • After pleading guilty, Yao couldn’t work in the medical field anymore. But one day he got a call from his ex-fiancée. She wanted to reconnect. And they did.
  • Just then, he notices someone familiar on the TV—Masha.
  • A man on the other side of the city is watching the same program and is surprised to see the same face. It’s his ex-wife.
  • It seems Masha has written a book about a 10-day personal development program that uses psychedelic drugs, being in a locked room with strangers, and facing fears as a form of therapy.
  • The interviewer mentions that Masha went to jail for providing these drugs, which are illegal, to some folks before.
  • Being in jail was very important to Masha though. It was a transformative experience.
  • Masha denies that she’s still running this exact program from Tranquillum House—that would be illegal. Wink, wink. However, she does offer secret, personalized retreats with very long wait lists and hefty fees.
  • The man speaks to his granddaughter, telling the little baby that Masha is her grandmother.
  • It seems Masha was pregnant when her son accidentally died. On the day their new son was born, Masha gave the baby to her husband and told him she was going back to work and would send money.
  • And that’s just what she did. Finally, her ex-husband gave up hope. He divorced her and moved on. But he would send photos over the years.
  • When their son had his own child, he sent her an email begging her to read it.
  • He would send another photo. One day, Masha would want to see her grandchild and answer him. Hmm…

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