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Northanger Abbey Chapter 11

By Jane Austen

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Chapter 11

  • The next day it is overcast and Catherine worries that it might rain.
  • She hangs out in the parlor with Mrs. Allen and obsesses over the weather. Mrs. Allen agrees with everything Catherine says and makes some great observations, like that the street will be wet since it has started to rain. Genius.
  • It keeps raining harder but the sun finally comes back out at half past twelve. Catherine isn't sure if the Tilneys are still coming, though. Too bad no one has a cell phone.
  • The Thorpes and James show up suddenly. They are all very loud and tell Catherine to hurry up, she's going with them on a ride to Bristol.
  • Catherine says she can't go because she's waiting for the Tilneys.
  • James points out that they won't make it all the way to Bristol today, but John and Isabella ignore him and rattle off a really lengthy itinerary.
  • John mentions that they plan to stop at Blaize Castle. Catherine is super-excited over this since she's obsessed with Gothic novels and castles.
  • (Fun historical fact: Blaize Castle was actually built in 1766 and is not medieval, even though the Thorpes insist it is the oldest castle in England.)
  • Catherine still is reluctant to go.
  • John suddenly recalls that he saw Henry and Eleanor driving off in a carriage. So they won't be coming over after all.
  • Catherine finally agrees to go, but she isn't sure about it.
  • Catherine is excited to see the castle, but is worried about the Tilneys.
  • The group drives off and Catherine sees the Tilneys walking down the street to her house.
  • Catherine is really upset and tells John to stop, but he just makes his horse go faster and laughs.
  • Catherine gets mad at John and asks why he lied, but John won't admit that he lied about seeing Henry.
  • Catherine gives John the silent treatment after their argument and imagines how awesome Blaize Castle will be to make herself feel better.
  • James stops them and says it's getting late and they have to go back home. Serious bummer.
  • John says that James is cheap and should buy his own carriage and horse so they could make better time. His rental stinks, apparently.
  • Catherine takes offense on her brother's behalf and says he can't afford his own carriage.
  • John grumbles incoherently and says it's not cool to be stingy with your money.
  • They return and drop Catherine off at her house. The footman tells Catherine that a lady called for her but didn't have a card to leave.
  • Catherine is really upset that she missed the Tilneys.
  • The Allens and Catherine go visit the Thorpes that night.
  • Isabella talks about how she's glad she isn't at a ball and wonders aloud what everyone is doing at the ball.
  • Catherine is bummed out and Isabella tells her to buck up. She insists the whole thing was the Tilneys fault because they weren't punctual.
  • Catherine doesn't get much sleep that night.

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