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Northanger Abbey Chapter 13

By Jane Austen

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Chapter 13

  • It is now Sunday. The chapter is a little vague on where everyone actually is at this point – most likely they are all leaving church.
  • John, Isabella, and James decide to once again head down to Bristol and Blaize Castle. They tell Catherine to saddle up since she's coming with them tomorrow. No "please" guys?
  • Catherine has made plans with Eleanor though – they're going to try again to go on their walk with Henry.
  • The Thorpes and James throw a fit and insist she come with them. Things quickly go downhill and turn into a bad educational movie on peer pressure.
  • The peer pressuring trio insist that Catherine can go walking another time. But Catherine feels it's wrong to break her engagement and it's especially wrong to lie about why she's changing her plans to Eleanor. So she refuses to alter her plans.
  • Isabella starts insulting Catherine and says that Catherine has thrown her over for Eleanor.
  • Catherine thinks everyone is behaving like lousy friends and that her brother is being a punk.
  • John wanders off and comes back over to say that he talked to Eleanor himself and told her that Catherine had other plans. So she can go on their road trip now.
  • Catherine is really mad – she says that John had no right to interfere and lie.
  • Catherine runs off, with the other three protesting and insulting her.
  • Catherine runs after the Tilneys and bursts into their house. She explains that John is a liar liar pants on fire and that she still wants to go out with them tomorrow.
  • Things are cleared up and Catherine is introduced to General Tilney, who is overly polite to her.
  • The General invites her to stay and dine with them, but Catherine has to go home since the Allens are expecting her.
  • Catherine walks home and is certain that she did the right thing by refusing to go with the peer pressuring trio.
  • When she gets home Catherine mentions the road trip scheme to Mr. Allen. Mr. Allen is scandalized and says that she shouldn't be riding around un-chaperoned with boys. He's glad she isn't going.
  • Catherine is freaked and asks Mrs. Allen why she let her do it before if it's so scandalous.
  • Mrs. Allen blathers on about young people being young people. She's the best chaperone ever.
  • Catherine is still put out.
  • Mr. Allen says it's all cool, just don't do it again.
  • Catherine is worried about Isabella's reputation now, but Mr. Allen tells her not to meddle.
  • Catherine thinks about how tricky it is navigating all the rules of society.

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