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Northanger Abbey Chapter 17

By Jane Austen

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Chapter 17

  • The Allens and Catherine have been in Bath for six weeks and the Allens start thinking about going home.
  • Catherine ponders her relationship with Henry, since Isabella's engagement has given her some ideas. But she decides to just be happy in the present and not worry about the future. Catherine has a nice fortune cookie world view.
  • The Tilneys are leaving soon too, but they invite Catherine to come with them to their home, Northanger Abbey. The title finally makes sense.
  • Well, Eleanor tries to invite Catherine, but the General barges in and interrupts her and then asks Catherine himself.
  • The whole family wants her to come, though for varying implicit reasons. The General's reasons are totally ambiguous.
  • Eleanor and Henry clearly just want their friend/almost girlfriend to visit.
  • Catherine about dies from joy here. She says that her parents will probably be cool with her going.
  • The Morlands write back soon with their consent and Catherine thinks about how awesome life is for her lately. The fact that the Tilneys, her favorite people, live in a Gothic abbey is just icing on the cake for her.
  • Catherine assumes that Northanger Abbey will be just like the places she's read about. In other words: creepy, mysterious, exciting, and super "Gothic."

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