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Northanger Abbey Chapter 19

By Jane Austen

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Chapter 19

  • Catherine starts watching Isabella closely and is alarmed about the changes she sees. Isabella is distracted and starts flirting with Captain Tilney in public all the time. She's also ignoring James.
  • Catherine is concerned for everyone, thinking they will all get their feelings hurt. She still feels that Isabella can't be aware of what she's doing.
  • Catherine speaks with Henry about the love triangle problem. She asks if Henry will talk to his brother.
  • Henry says that he's not his brother's keeper and that his brother is fully aware that Isabella is engaged and is hanging around anyway.
  • Henry then asks Catherine if James is upset that Captain Tilney is hanging around, or if he's upset because Isabella is hanging around Captain Tilney.
  • Catherine doesn't get the difference. She also insists that a woman in love can't flirt with anyone else.
  • Henry asks Catherine if she can't guess what's going on from the evidence. Of course Catherine can't.
  • Henry tells Catherine not to meddle and notes that, if James and Isabella have a solid relationship, they'll be able to work this out.
  • Catherine finally decides to drop it.
  • She spends one last evening with Isabella and James, who are both in good moods.

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