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Northanger Abbey Chapter 2

By Jane Austen

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Chapter 2

  • The narrator reminds us that Catherine is a pretty average seventeen-year-old and is rather naive.
  • Mrs. Morland isn't very savvy and gives Catherine some less than useful advice about her first trip to a big town, telling her to dress warm and stuff like that.
  • Catherine's sister Sally (short for Sarah) does not care that Catherine is leaving – probably because she gets a room to herself for once.
  • Mr. Morland gives Catherine a small amount of money and tells her to ask for more later if she wants it. So much for Catherine's unlimited shopping spree.
  • The Allens and Catherine travel to Bath. It's pretty boring.
  • They arrive in Bath and go to their lodgings.
  • Mrs. Allen is obsessed with fashion, and is also a bit dimwitted, just FYI. She takes Catherine shopping for days. Catherine gets her hair cut and styled too.
  • Finally, the Allens and Catherine attend their first ball in Bath (a Bath ball?) and it's very crowded.
  • Mr. Allen goes off to play cards.
  • Catherine and Mrs. Allen struggle through the crowd till they find a bench where they can watch all the fashionable people dance.
  • Mrs. Allen isn't much of a conversationalist and Catherine starts getting bored.
  • They all go for tea, which is like party refreshments, but it's still really crowded and Catherine starts getting annoyed by all the people.
  • She finds it uncomfortable since she doesn't know anyone there.
  • Mrs. Allen and Catherine have to sit at a table with strangers during tea and it's really awkward. Mrs. Allen keeps wishing they knew someone there and commenting on the fashion.
  • Finally Mr. Allen comes back from his card game and they all make their way to an exit.
  • Catherine gets noticed by some guys on the way out and overhears two of them say she is pretty. Catherine is way excited.

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