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Northanger Abbey Chapter 21

By Jane Austen

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Chapter 21

  • Catherine's guest room is very nice and not creepy at all. Catherine finds this lame.
  • She wastes time exploring the room and finds an old heavy chest like the one Henry described in his faux Gothic adventure story.
  • Catherine goes to investigate, but the maid comes in and startles her, causing her to slam the chest's lid shut loudly.
  • Catherine goes back to explore and finds a bedspread folded up inside.
  • Eleanor comes in and comments about the furniture and Catherine feels dumb.
  • The two run down to dinner, where the General is stroking out about the time.
  • He gets himself together and fakes being laid back and cool again. He then scolds Eleanor for rushing Catherine.
  • Dinner is super-fancy.
  • The General asks Catherine if she dines this well with the Allens, and she says no. This puts the General in a good mood.
  • After dinner it really was a dark and stormy night.
  • Catherine assures herself that there's no need to be nervous and boldly decides not to build up the fire to use as a nightlight.
  • She takes her time getting ready for bed.
  • The Catherine notices a black cabinet, which is like something Henry described in his faux Gothic horror adventure tale.
  • Catherine feels the need to investigate but she can't open it. Way mysterious.
  • Catherine struggles and finally manages to get the stupid thing open.
  • She sees lots of smaller drawers inside. Ooh, the intrigue.
  • Catherine searches around and finally finds some sheets of paper.
  • Catherine is freaking out with excitement at living her very own Gothic adventure.
  • But suddenly her candle blows out and it is very dark and stormy.
  • Catherine is terrified and quickly jumps into bed. She has trouble falling asleep.

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