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Northanger Abbey Chapter 25

By Jane Austen

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Chapter 25

  • Catherine has had an epiphany and realizes how she let her romantic imagination run away from her.
  • Catherine is very embarrassed but Henry is more attentive than usual towards her that evening, realizing that she is upset and ashamed of herself.
  • Catherine starts to recover and decides that she's learned a valuable lesson about using common sense and reason instead of relying on romantic imagination.
  • She traces her problems back to the Gothic literature she read in Bath and decides that it was a bad influence on her.
  • She decides that England is a civilized country where Gothic horrors do not happen. Those other European countries are still suspect, though.
  • Catherine gets back to the real world and begins to worry about James and Isabella, since she's has no news from them.
  • Nine days pass. Catherine finally receives a letter from James.
  • James writes that he and Isabella have broken up and hints that Isabella has run off with Captain Tilney. James cautions Catherine about giving her heart away too freely, since he learned the hard way with the duplicitous Isabella.
  • Catherine is horrified by this news and starts crying at the breakfast table.
  • The General is reading the newspaper and doesn't notice.
  • Henry and Eleanor are concerned, but give Catherine some time to herself before they ask what the matter is.
  • Catherine tells them what happened after Henry wagers a guess and lets him read the letter.
  • Henry and Eleanor are totally confused and can't believe that their brother would actually involve himself with Isabella.
  • Henry says that Captain Tilney has behaved like a moron and he's done for now.
  • Both the Tilney siblings are worried about their father's reaction to this scandal.
  • Catherine exclaims that she can't believe how deceived she was by Isabella, but she's comforted by the Tilneys and takes this news in stride.

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