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Northanger Abbey Chapter 26

By Jane Austen

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Chapter 26

  • No one hears anything from either Isabella or Frederick Tilney, and Henry, Catherine, and Eleanor are really confused as to what exactly is going on. Are they getting married or not?
  • Catherine is a bit worried when she hears that the General is really concerned about money. She's definitely not rich. But Catherine decides that the Tilneys seem to love her and the General probably doesn't care as much about money as his kids say.
  • The General declares a few days later that they'll all pay a visit to Henry's house in Woodston.
  • Catherine is thrilled but is disappointed when Henry has to run off to prepare for their visit.
  • Catherine is miserable about James and is depressed by Henry's absence.
  • The day of the visit finally arrives and they have a lovely ride to Woodston. Catherine thinks it's a lot like Fullerton, except better.
  • The General chats up Woodston and Henry's house – not that he really needs to, Catherine is already sold.
  • They arrive and take a tour. Catherine thinks it's the best house ever and the General agrees with every observation she makes. At least Catherine doesn't realize that Henry is being embarrassed by his dad in front of his kinda/sorta girlfriend.
  • But wait, Catherine finally gets clued in. The General hints that Catherine may be in charge of decorating an empty room soon. And Catherine figures out what he's hinting at (impending marriage) and clams up quickly.
  • The day passes fast and Catherine is sad to leave.

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