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Northanger Abbey Chapter 31

By Jane Austen

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Chapter 31

  • The Morlands are surprised but excited that Henry wants to marry Catherine and they consent.
  • Mrs. Morland warns Henry that Catherine will make a lousy housekeeper though. Mama Morland is so supportive.
  • The only problem is that the General won't give his consent. Henry and Catherine don't want any money from him, but they do want his permission so they won't have to elope.
  • Henry and Catherine part and hope that the General will change his mind soon.
  • Luckily, Eleanor Tilney gets married that summer to a random and wealthy guy we have never heard of before. The narrator admits this and the whole thing is ludicrous and funny.
  • It turns out the long-suffering Eleanor was prevented from marrying the man she loved because he had no money. But, fortunately for her, this man suddenly comes into a fortune and becomes a Viscount. So he and Eleanor marry quickly.
  • The General is beyond thrilled by this and Eleanor, now a Viscountess, convinces him to give his consent to Henry and Catherine and assures him that Catherine isn't dirt poor, just not as rich as the Tilneys.
  • So the General says OK.
  • Henry and Catherine finally get married and have a happy life, according to the narrator.

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