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The Nose Part 3

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Part 3

  • Two weeks later, Kovalev wakes up and discovers that his nose is back on his face.
  • He is super psyched and immediately calls for the barber (yes, that same barber) to give him a shave.
  • This time, though, he doesn't let him hold his nose while shaving his mustache area.
  • Kovalev keeps checking himself out in the mirror, totally excited each time to see that the nose is still there.
  • He goes out to hang out with his buddies and is feeling all sorts of smug whenever he sees someone with a smaller nose than his.
  • (Um…)
  • His self-confidence is at an all-time high, which means that, when he runs into Madame Podtochina and her daughter, he decides not to marry the girl after all.
  • From that day on, he remains the same guy he's always been. Maybe even more vain about his rank and stuff, but mostly pretty much the same.
  • Suddenly the narrative stops, and the narrator pops in to say that the whole story is pure nonsense, and why on earth did this get printed in the first place?
  • Still, the narrator concludes, there are weirder things that happen in the world.

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