Study Guide

Minor Characters in Nothing

By Janne Teller

Minor Characters

Nothing doesn't quite have the stock and standard cast of characters that a typical novel would. Aside from Pierre, Agnes, and Sofie, most of the other students (and adults) blend into a mob. Other than what they give up, they're indistinguishable from one another. Sure, some of them have some character traits that help to make them stand out (religion, hobbies etc.), but not one of them thinks for themselves, and their sacrifices feel more symbolic than anything. So Shmoop's here to give you the breakdown of these mob-members, in alphabetical order, along with what they each give up.


This adopted girl from Korea gives up her adoption certificate to the heap of meaning. Here's hoping she and her parents don't find themselves embroiled in any legal snafus, now that her papers have turned to ash.


Dennis is the first person to give up an item of major significance, his Dungeons and Dragons books, to the heap of meaning. Of course, when you compare this to later sacrifices like, oh, we dunno, a finger, it doesn't seem like much.

Elise Jensen

This 7A classmate sacrifices her dead brother Emil to the heap of meaning. Yeah, this is definitely a moment when you realize that things are going nowhere good.


Frederik sacrifices his Dannebrog (Danish flag) to the heap of meaning. We guess he takes patriotism personally.


Gerda is Agnes's annoying classmate, whom Agnes calls "bye-baby-bumpkin," and who sacrifices her hamster Oscarlittle to the heap of meaning.


The biology teacher's son, Henrik adds the snake in formaldehyde from the biology classroom to the heap of meaning.

Holy Karl

As his name would suggest, Karl's a religious boy who gives the Jesus on the Cross statue from his church's altar to the heap of meaning. Holy Karl has the bike trailer the classmates use whenever they have to transport something, whether it's the stones to throw at Pierre Anthon or the fingerless Jon-Johan. Think of him as the getaway driver, with a Christian twist.

Huge Hans

This 7A classmate gives up his neon yellow bike and demands Sofie's virginity. Yeah, he's not a very good person.


A Muslim boy who gives up his prayer mat to the heap of meaning, Hussain is beaten by his father for doing so.


He's one of the boys who stands guard while Sofie is being raped, and who may have participated, although we never find out for sure. Jon-Johan sacrifices his index finger to the heap of meaning, rendering him unable to play his beloved guitar. He's also the one who tells on the class, which leads to all the media attention.

Lady William

An effeminate 7A classmate, Lady William gives up his diary to the heap of meaning. Too bad he couldn't give up that cruel nickname.


Laura gives up her African parrot earrings to the heap of meaning. Because nothing says I believe in the meaning of life like never being able to wear your favorite earrings again.

Little Ingrid

A physically disabled 7A classmate, poor Little Ingrid gives up her crutches to the heap of meaning.


Maiken gives up her telescope to the heap of meaning. Can we have it instead? We always wanted one of those.

Mr. Eskildsen

The homeroom teacher of Class 7A, Mr. Eskildsen wins the award for Most Oblivious Teacher Ever.


This 7A classmate who gives up his red boxing gloves to the heap of meaning.

Pretty Rosa

Pretty Rosa is afraid of blood and has to cut off Cinderella the dog's head for her sacrifice. She will be in therapy for the rest of her life, we promise.


Richard gives up his black soccer ball to the heap of meaning.


Sebastian gives up his fishing rod to the heap of meaning.


Agnes's best friend dresses all in black and gives up her six blue braids to the heap of meaning, which definitely ups the heap's coolness factor.

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