Study Guide

Nothing Chapter 10

By Janne Teller

Chapter 10

  • The six gravediggers meet at Richard's and head to the graveyard, where they locate Emil Jensen's grave and get to digging. Agnes and Elise stand watch with flashlights.
  • Just as they strike the coffin, they hear footsteps on the gravel, and Agnes freaks because she thinks it's a person.
  • But it's just Cinderella, an old hound dog who refuses to leave the grave of her dead owner, Mr. Sorensen. 
  • The boys go back to digging, and they finally get the coffin out of the ground. But when they shovel the dirt back into the hole, they discover that it's only three-quarters full—they hadn't accounted for the space the coffin was taking up. Oops.
  • Their solution? They swipe a couple of other gravestones and put them in the hole, then cover the stones with dirt. Because hey, once you've started robbing graves, you might as well just go all out with the desecration.
  • As they leave the graveyard, Cinderella follows them. They try to get her to turn back, but she won't, so after placing the coffin on the heap of meaning, they lock her in the sawmill.
  • Bad move, Cinderella. Really, really bad move.

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