Study Guide

Nothing Chapter 11

By Janne Teller

Chapter 11

  • The kids who dug up the coffin brag to the others at school the next day, and it's such a big deal that they can't stop talking about it and Eskildsen has to yell at them to be quiet. Of course, he doesn't actually figure out what they're talking about, because he's an adult, and adults are pretty dumb in Nothing-land.
  • It's not long before the whole town figures out that there have been shenanigans in the graveyard. They've even noticed that Cinderella disappeared, although nobody's too upset about that, because, y'know, she was doing her business on the graves and stuff.
  • True to their stupid-adult form, the kids' parents remain, well, stupid. Agnes's mom asks her about the dirt and gravel on the carpet, but Agnes lies and says she was playing in the field with Sofie.
  • Back at the sawmill, Cinderella refuses to leave little Emil's coffin. Poor pup.
  • Elise, who never liked Emil all that much, grows fonder of Cinderella than she ever was of her brother and agrees to go out to the sawmill every evening to walk the dog.
  • Oh, and there's one other thing, she says: it's her turn to pick what the next person has to give up, and she wants Ursula-Marie's blue braids.
  • Hussain's all over that. He's got a Swiss Army knife with some scissors, so he and Elise chop off Ursula-Marie's hair and lay it on the pile.
  • This time, Hussain's the one who makes the bad move. Seriously, when will these kids learn that you don't cross the person who's about to choose who goes next?
  • Sure enough, the newly bald Ursula-Marie demands his prayer mat.

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