Study Guide

Nothing Chapter 15

By Janne Teller

Chapter 15

  • It's all fun and games until Holy Karl asks for Cinderella's head. 
  • Which makes no sense, because Elise is the one she's closest to, and Elise already gave up her baby brother. Only Pretty Rosa and Jon-Johan haven't given anything up yet.
  • So Holy Karl, who's not going to let Cinderella off the hook for "using Jesus as her personal toilet," demands that Pretty Rosa cut her throat. 
  • His spin on it is that Pretty Rosa hates the sight of blood, so having to cut the dog's head off will, in fact, be a sacrifice for her. We think this arguments a little weak.
  • Pretty Rosa, predictably, freaks, but the other kids tell her to suck it up and do it. You don't want to go last (or next-to-last) at this game.
  • The others have to admit that this is actually a pretty slick move on Holy Karl's part, because Elise is way sadder about sacrificing Cinderella than she was about her baby brother. They'd all been thinking she got off too easy, what with only having to rob a grave and all.
  • Jon-Johan swipes a knife from his dad, the butcher. Pretty Rosa goes out to the sawmill by herself, turns off the lights so she doesn't have to see blood, and beheads Cinderella.
  • Little do they know what she has in mind for Jon-Johan.

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