Study Guide

Nothing Chapter 16

By Janne Teller

Chapter 16

  • Okay, final sacrifice, ready?
  • It's Jon-Johan's finger. Yep. His finger.
  • Ursula-Marie says that's totally not cool, given that Jon-Johan can play Beatles songs on his guitar as well as the Beatles themselves. The other kids agree with her. The loss of his finger would just be a big bummer for everyone.
  • Pretty Rosa insists, but they wear her down. They tell her Jon-Johan won't be himself anymore without his finger (which, hello, is kind of the point).
  • Sofie, however, knows something the rest of them don't about where his finger has been: he was one of the guards the night she was raped.
  • And Sofie has no problem being the one to cut it off.
  • They can't argue with Sofie. After all, she's the one who has, arguably, given up the most so far. So it's decided that she'll chop his finger off that Saturday, then they'll bandage him quickly and Holy Karl will take Jon-Johan back home to his parents in Holy Karl's bike trailer. That way, the adults can finally make themselves useful and get him to the emergency room.
  • And then, on Sunday, they'll somehow get Pierre Anthon out of the tree and bring him to the sawmill to see it all.

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