Study Guide

Nothing Chapter 18

By Janne Teller

Chapter 18

  • Sure enough, Jon-Johan tells his parents, and the police show up at the sawmill before Pierre Anthon has a chance to visit.
  • Everyone gets grounded (hey, what ever happened to good ol' juvie?), except for Hussain, who gets beaten so badly he gets sent to the hospital. There, he shares a room with Jon-Johan, which leads Agnes to describe them as "lucky" because at least they get to hang out and talk.
  • The teachers go to town on them, too, and Henrik and Frederik immediately break down and start crying. But Sofie stands her ground, telling Mr. Eskildsen that none of the adults had ever taught them any meaning, so they had to find their own.
  • At recess, they decide they have to find a way to get Pierre Anthon past the police tape at the sawmill and show him the heap of meaning.Ā 
  • Agnes comes up with a plan: involve the media! Because, of course, things aren't messed up enough already.
  • A few days later, she finally has her chance: while the rest of her family is out, she calls the local paper, Taering Tuesday, and pretends to be a woman named Hedda Huld Hansen. She tells the editor about the heap, and that she's heard it was made by a group of children who wanted to prove to another that life had meaning.
  • Sure enough, the newspaper runs the story. And when all the teachers and parents start questioning them about it, they all echo Sofie in simply saying, "We've found the meaning!"

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