Study Guide

Nothing Chapter 19

By Janne Teller

Chapter 19

  • It's a straight up media frenzy in Taering. Some of the press thinks the kids are demons, some think they're artists. Everyone's talking.
  • Regardless of what they think, the heap of meaning is now meaningful to the masses, and everyone wants to see it. The cops are forced to allow access to the public every afternoon.
  • The kids are thrilled: now Pierre Anthon can come and see it, too.Ā 
  • Except, of course, that he doesn't want to. To him, it's still meaningless. (They should have seen that one coming, right? After all, the guy's been living on plums and shouting about chimpanzees for months. He's not exactly reasonable.)
  • But the rest of the world is all over it. Throughout the winter, journalists and photographers from all over the world come to see the heap of meaning, and everyone else is so impressed that it almost doesn't matter that Pierre Anthon still isn't.

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