Study Guide

Nothing Chapter 22

By Janne Teller

Chapter 22

  • March rolls around, and it's the month the MOMA is supposed to pick up the heap of meaning. 
  • Pierre Anthon still hasn't come to see it. In fact, our little Kierkegaard is still in the tree, and he's pretty much undone everybody but Sofie.
  • Agnes can't even lift her arm anymore without thinking about how it will turn into nothing when she lowers it.
  • Sofie's still doing battle with Pierre Anthon, though. She goes to the tree and yells back, telling him he doesn't have the guts to come see the heap of meaning. 
  • Finally he asks her the question that sends her over the edge: if the heap of meaning really had any meaning, she wouldn't have sold it, would she?
  • That does it: Sofie officially loses her mind.

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