Study Guide

Nothing Chapter 23

By Janne Teller

Chapter 23

  • It's the day before the MOMA shows up for the heap (we don't even want to think about how it's smelling at this point), and Sofie's running around the sawmill slamming her head into things.
  • The other kids are there with her, telling her to shut up and trying to restrain her. But Sofie's a tornado. She refuses to let Pierre Anthon be right.
  • When she reaches the point that she's just screaming, "Nothing," over and over again, it's like the spirit of Pierre Anthon invades the sawmill, and everyone goes bonkers. 
  • Hussain hits Ursula-Marie for making him give up his prayer mat, Huge Hans kicks Hussain for making him give up his bike, and before long it's a full-on battle royale. 
  • Just about the time you're starting to wonder how Agnes is getting away with just standing there describing it all, Gerda jumps her. It's hamster payback time.
  • Agnes manages to break free and run to Pierre Anthon's tree, where she begs him to come see the stupid heap of meaning once and for all.
  • To her surprise, when she tells him Sofie's gone crazy, he gets down from the tree and follows her.
  • Once he arrives at the sawmill, he tells his classmates what idiots they are, giving them one final lecture about meaninglessness before turning his back on them. 
  • Which is, of course, the worst move anyone's made in the whole book.

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