Study Guide

Nothing Chapter 7

By Janne Teller

Chapter 7

  • Gerda turns out to be super boring: she tells their classmate Maiken to give up her telescope, and even though Maiken loves her telescope, it's pretty anticlimactic compared to a hamster. Telescopes don't have feelings. 
  • Maiken tells Frederik to give up his Dannebrog, the Danish flag. Frederik's parents are major patriots (as in, he can't even play with Hussain, the Muslim kid), so this is a Big Deal.
  • Frederik puts the flag on top of the pile and demands Lady William's diary, Lady William being the girly boy in the class that the others make fun of.
  • Of course, he forgets to demand the key, so the other kids are pretty annoyed with him for that.
  • Lady William demands Anna-Li's certificate of adoption (her parents adopted her from Korea), which strikes us as a bad move, legally speaking. 
  • Anna-Li demands Little Ingrid's crutches, telling Little Ingrid she can use her old ones.
  • Little Ingrid, proving that she's the coolest character of them all so far, is totally unfazed about having to give up her crutches. She's just excited that she gets to tell Henrik to give up the snake in a jar. Here's hoping it's not alive.

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